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We invest in your professional growth through continuous learning opportunities. Whether it's workshops, training sessions, or mentorship programs, we are committed to helping you advance your career.

Sponsored learning

The HCPC will sponsor employees for a course of study deemed relevant/beneficial to the organisation.

Professional Membership Fees

The HCPC will reimburse the cost of fees for relevant professional membership which an employee might hold e.g. CIPD, ACCA.

E-learning hub

Employees have access to an E-Learning platform with a library of hundreds of online training courses.

Secondment and Sabbatical Policy

These policies aim to allow employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge and personal development by either applying for a Sabbatical (unpaid) or through a Secondment arrangement (internal and external opportunities).

Career Development Opportunities

We’ve rolled out a number of internal programmes to assist in the development of our employees. These include Aspiring Leaders, Beyond Barriers as well as a number of apprenticeship opportunities.