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Recruitment Terms and Conditions

1.     General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

1.1 Personal information provided to the HCPC (data controller) is held in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018. The HCPC’s Policy on Data Protection may be viewed here.

2. Use of the Recruitment Service


2.1 In order to apply for a vacancy using this service, you are required to register your details, and confirm that you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Registered users of the system may create and submit applications for specific vacancies at the HCPC.

Information collected

2.2 To register with the service you are required to provide some limited personal information, such as your email address, and your first and last names.

2.3 To apply for a vacancy you will be asked to submit your CV and supporting statement and supply additional personal information using the online application form. The information requested and provided either through the application form, CV or talent network registration will typically include your contact details, qualifications and employment history, right to work details, and equality and diversity monitoring information.

2.4 You will be asked to provide some personal information defined by the Data Protection Act 2018 as sensitive personal data. This includes information about your disability status and ethnic origin, collected to support the HCPC’s equality and diversity monitoring. You may also be asked about unspent criminal convictions and/or involvement in criminal proceedings to assess your suitability. Note that the HCPC will not necessarily bar an applicant because of an unspent criminal conviction; the nature of the conviction and its relevance to the post will be considered. For certain posts, you may also be asked to declare spent convictions. Where applicable, this will be specified in the job advert and job description for the role.

2.5 To join the talent network or to apply you must supply a minimum set of information. The information required before you can join the talent network or to apply is clearly identified throughout the online application form.

How the information collected is used

2.6 Until you apply to the HCPC, the information you enter using the online application form will not be made accessible to anyone and will be retained for the sole purpose of enabling you to apply for a vacancy in future. Your registered email address will be used only to contact you with important information regarding the application process or if you have joined the talent network. 

2.7 The HCPC reserves the right to review registration records created in the system and, periodically, to delete those records where no application has been made within the previous 12 months. Where this applies, you will be required to register again to use the service.

2.8 When you submit an application, the information you supply on your application form will be provided to a selection panel, who will use it to assess your suitability for the post against the published selection criteria. You may be contacted at any date regarding your application.

2.9 Please note that the information collected in the equality and diversity monitoring section does not form part of the assessment of your application. It will not be shared with the selection panel or anyone with responsibility for the administration of the selection process. It will be used solely to monitor the effectiveness of the HCPC’s equality and diversity policy.

2.10 Your information is held securely in a database that is owned by the HCPC. The data will not be passed to external organisations or individuals other than those acting in a capacity as agents for the HCPC.

2.11 If appointed, your application information will be retained as part of your confidential record. The HCPC is required to provide data about its staff and information you provide on your application form may later be used for this purpose.

2.12 If you are unsuccessful your application will be removed from the system no less than 12 months after the final decision is recorded on the vacancy. The HCPC may retain information for longer when required to do so to comply with UK employment and immigration regulations and other statutory reporting requirements.

2.13 Technical problems with the service may be reported to the HR team. The HCPC reserves the right to modify, edit, delete, and suspend temporarily or permanently the service at any time.

3. Declaration by applicants

3.1 By submitting an application to the HCPC you are confirming that you agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use, including the following declaration.

“The information provided in this application form and any supporting documentation (including the equality and diversity monitoring section) is true and complete. I understand that any offer may be conditional upon satisfactory screening.

I agree that any deliberate omission, falsification or misrepresentation in the application form or supporting documentation will be grounds for rejecting this application or subsequent dismissal.

I consent to be contacted by the HCPC at any date regarding my application.

I consent to the information given in this application form and accompanying supplements being stored and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.”