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About us

We protect the public by regulating 15 health and care professions in the UK.
We have produced an animation to explain how we operate and how the HCPC benefits both registrants and service users.

Our people

Employees work across a variety of departments to support our organisation.
Leadership and Departments:
  • Alastair Bridges 

    Executive Director of Resources

    Business Change

    The Business Change Department manages all major projects.


    The Finance Department manages the budget and processes transactions, including registrants' payments, suppliers' invoices, and employee payroll and expenses.

    Human Resources & Organisational Development

    The Human Resources (HR) department plays a crucial role in people management, talent acquisition, employee development, and ensuring compliance with employment law.

    IT & Digital

    The IT Department provides technical support for employees and helps to introduce IT technology for major projects. 

    Office Services

    The Office Services Department supports the smooth-running of our site, including overseeing health and safety for employees and visitors.

  • MicrosoftTeams-image (22).png
    Andrew Smith 

    Executive Director of Education, Registration & Regulatory Standards


    The Education Department assesses education and training programmes for the professions we regulate, and decides whether they should be approved. The Department then monitors them to make sure they continue to meet our standards. 

    Insight and Analytics

    The Insight & Analytics Team collaborates with HCPC departments to improve data quality, standardise reporting datasets and develop shared approaches to analysis.

    Policy and Standards

    The Policy and Standards Department writes and revises policies, including our standards.


    The Registration Department provide frontline support for registrants who are applying to join the Register or who need to renew their registration. They also assess UK and international applications and continuing professional development profiles.

  • Claire Amor

    Executive Director of Corporate Affairs


    The Communications Department is responsible for communicating with stakeholders through digital platforms and print, engagement activity, events, media and PR, and internal communications. 


    ​The Governance Department manages Council and committees, including managing data protection and Freedom of Information requests.

    Office of the Chair & Chief Executive (OCCE)

    Provides proactive planning and support to the Chair, Chief Executive and Executive Directors.

    Professionalism and Upstream Regulation

    Upstream regulation describes an approach to regulation that is focussed on prevention, partnership and support.

    Quality Assurance

    The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for checking the quality of the work we do and assessing any risks. 

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    Laura Coffey 

    Executive Director of Fitness to Practise and Tribunal Services

    Fitness to Practise

    The Fitness to Practise Department investigates concerns about registrants' fitness to practise, and arranges hearings through the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service. 

Explore the exciting opportunities we're actively seeking candidates for within our Registrations and Fitness to Practise Departments.

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Our values and behaviours

Our values and behaviours underpin what we do and how we do it, to help us operate to high standards and effectively as a regulator and employer.
  • ​Being honest, open and transparent
  • Treating people with respect, empathy and care
  • Collaborating with others and championing diversity
  • Seeking opportunities to be creative and foster innovation to improve our performance
  • Fair

    ​Being honest, open and transparent

  • Compassionate

    Treating people with respect, empathy and care

  • Inclusive

    Collaborating with others and championing diversity

  • Enterprising

    Seeking opportunities to be creative and foster innovation to improve our performance

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