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Success Stories - Fatma Ali

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Success Stories - Fatma Ali

Embarking on a professional journey with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) has been a transformative experience, providing me with the platform to evolve both personally and professionally. Having started here on a fixed term HR Manager’s contract, I can confidently affirm that HCPC has provided me with the platform to thrive and showcase my professional capabilities. A pivotal element in this journey has been the guidance of a steadfast manager who not only recognised my potential but actively contributed to my continuous growth.

However, the true essence of my success at HCPC extends beyond individual achievements—it lies in the exceptional fellowship within this organisation. Working alongside an incredible group of people has not only added to my accomplishments but has also fostered an environment that transcends the conventional boundaries of a workplace. At HCPC, regardless of the role, emphasis is placed on cultivating robust bonds and relationships across the organisation. Here, people are not just colleagues; they are friends, mentors, and collaborators in a journey that goes beyond the boundaries of a typical professional setting.

In my role, I am entrusted with the responsibility of caring for our organisation's most valuable asset—our people. It is a role that allows me to contribute to the holistic development of our teams, ensuring we attract the best talent, foster their growth, and prioritise their health and well-being. Our diverse teams, proficient in their respective domains, are encouraged to envision the next step in their professional journey. To facilitate this, HCPC offers an array of development opportunities, including on-the-job training, internal programs, shadowing, secondments, and external qualifications—all aimed at supporting our team members in reaching their full potential.

The essence of my role closely aligns with our organisational People Strategy, guiding me to actively engage in listening, and supporting our employees. This not only outlines the specific responsibilities associated with my position but also emphasises the inherent value and significance of my role within the organisation. The HCPC culture is diverse and inclusive with many different elements. From intangible benefits to the calibre of our people, from the leadership ethos to our deeply ingrained values, and most importantly, the unique contributions each one of us brings to the table. HCPC stands as a testament to being a great place to work, fuelled by a commitment to protecting the public and a simultaneous dedication to the well-being of our workforce. This dual commitment is the cornerstone of our identity—a commitment that makes every day at HCPC not just a job but a meaningful contribution to a shared mission.