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Success Stories - Miriam Uzoma

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Success Stories - Miriam Uzoma

I work as a Hearings Officer here at HCPC. Before my friend, who is now a colleague, introduced me to HCPC, I had never heard of it. Her glowing recommendation encouraged me to apply when a vacancy became available.

In my role as a Hearings Officer, my responsibilities include ensuring the smooth proceedings of hearings. This involves ensuring all parties have the correct documents and are in the right place at the right time. I oversee the process to ensure it runs seamlessly before, during, and after the hearing.

Being my first career job, HCPC has exposed me to the dynamics of a positive working environment. The emphasis on professional and personal growth is encouraging. Working here has boosted my confidence in asking questions both within and outside the workplace. I'm exposed to various healthcare professions and the regulations governing them. The collaborative effort and commitment among colleagues make the work truly rewarding. The people at HCPC contribute significantly to the overall experience.

HCPC's values of Fairness, Compassion, Inclusion, and Enterprising are not limited to Registrants; they are widely encouraged within the organisation. People are always willing to assist each other, even across different departments.

Clear career growth and development pathways are encouraged at HCPC, allowing for advancement without the pressure of a lack of managerial support or the need to start afresh in a new working environment.

Personally, I have no intention of leaving HCPC in the near future. I thoroughly enjoy my role, my team members, and my managers. The holiday structure at HCPC, along with hybrid working for flexibility, serves as an incentive. The opportunity to travel within the UK for in-person and remote hearings (subject to being a Hearings Officer), encouragement to learn beyond one's role, and company strategies promoting flexibility and engagement with different departments, such as the mentoring programme for newer staff members, all contribute to the positive work experience.

HCPC's culture and values embody togetherness, fairness, inclusivity, enterprising, and compassion. These values underscore our shared humanity and the mutual desire among colleagues at HCPC to support each other in their roles and development.